ETA Awards

ETA Awards is an Awarding Organisation focused on innovation and partnerships. Offering a range of fully funded qualifications suitable for AEB, ESF, Traineeships, Kickstart and Apprenticeship programmes. They work with their partners to provide tailored packages aligned with the needs of learners and employers by offering a responsive, lean and solution-led service. By Patrick Tucker. […]

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Subcontracting fees – English Training Providers. Welcome Patrick Tucker (UK) Apprenticeship Blog Contributor

By Patrick Tucker: Apprenticeship Blog Contributor I have read many posts recently regarding subcontractor fees being ‘extortionately high’, ‘scandalous’ and ‘Massive subcontracting top-slice’. I am not condoning poor behaviour, however, the fees being charged by primes could be justified, a full drill down of the prime’s activity is required, not just a reaction on what […]

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