Shaping European policies for adult learning

In 2009, the European Union set itself a series of objectives for education and training by 2020. This agenda, known in summary as ET2020, set four common goals, including that of ‘making lifelong learning and mobility a reality’. It also identified a number of benchmarks, one of which is that at least 15% of adults […]

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College groups could face more Ofsted inspections

Large college groups could be subjected to multiple inspections for the first time under new plans being considered by Ofsted to monitor FE provision in the aftermath of the area reviews. The series of college mergers expected to result from the ongoing waves of reviews across the country are likely to mean a smaller number […]

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FE funding: less bad than feared but still very tough

Brian Creese. You cannot deny the political cleverness of the Chancellor. A week on from the Spending Review people are still shaking their heads at how much less bad it was than they feared. Many are already sitting down to plan the next five years given that, unless those billions slip back behind the sofa […]

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