Why do women get more university places? | BBC News

A baby girl born in 2016 will be 75% more likely to go to university than a boy, if current trends continue. This isn’t just a slight difference. Women in the UK are now 35% more likely than men to go to university and the gap is widening every year. A baby girl born […]


Heads warn over pupils’ untreated mental health issues | BBC News

Children’s untreated mental health issues could spiral into psychiatric problems later in life unless more is done in schools, say head teachers. The National Association of Head Teachers says with a fifth of children having a mental health problem before age 11, it is a key concern. A snapshot survey of 1,455 English heads suggests […]


Apps to Support Diverse Learners in the Classroom | Edutopia

Apps can help diverse learners by gamifying their tasks, coaching them on social cues, prioritizing their time, strengthening their math skills, and sharpening their language abilities, and are a terrific and effective way to encourage continued exploration and engagement over evenings, weekends, or summer break. There are tons of apps to explore, but here are a […]


How do I increase my child’s intelligence? | BBC iWonder

During the first five years of a child’s life 90% of their brain development takes place. Up to 51% of a child’s development is thought to be defined by environmental factors. Explore this feature on the BBC website: How do I increase my child’s intelligence? | BBC iWonder



Recent government cuts to adult education has meant that many have found it difficult to get back into education, learn new skills and gain new qualifications to potentially change their career path. However this could now change with the introduction of loans for adult learners.In 2016/2017 the government will be introducing loans for learners aged […]


University vs. Apprenticeship

More and more people are attending university…but uni isn’t for everyone. So many of us (myself included) reach the age of 16 and don’t know what the next step is. I decided to attend sixth form but it wasn’t until a year later than I definitively decided that university was for me. While some people […]


Ofsted to carry out Prevent Duty thematic review | FE Week

via Ofsted to carry out Prevent Duty thematic review | FE Week. Prevent – Radicalisation – British Values – E-Safety – Extremism Are these embedded in your college’s safeguarding policies? Prevent Duty and the revised Ofsted CIF has increased emphasis on Safeguarding – you need to be prepared! We offer bespoke in-house CPD training packages, […]


Education as a commodity rather than a public good

One of the most regressive elements in education presently is the idea that learning is just another commodity. Once this is accepted it can be reduced by a managerial outlook into a series of production elements. There is a regressive element in education which adopts such a view. It can be identified when you see […]


Developing world-beating maths teachers ‘to take a decade’ | BBC News

It will take a decade to bring maths teaching in England up to world-beating standards, say subject experts. A report from the Advisory Council on Mathematics Education (ACME) suggests teachers responsible for maths in both primary and secondary schools need better qualifications and training. Without more good teachers efforts to improve skills were “built on sand”, […]


Online schools ‘worse than traditional teachers’ | BBC News

A major report, based on research in 17 US states with online charter schools, has found “significantly weaker academic performance” in maths and reading in these virtual schools compared with the conventional school system. The National Study of Online Charter Schools, the first major study of this growing sector, has taken a wrecking ball to the […]


The Abiding Principles of Ethical Leadership in Education

Given that a fair proportion of this blog concerns itself with principles of change, The Edvocate website rightly reminds us of some unchanging principles of leadership in education: The Eight Principles of Ethical Leadership in Education | The Edvocate


Education and inequality #InequalityEd at the RSA

I spent an enjoyable evening discussing education inequality at the RSA tonight as part of the organisations’ Inequality in Education series. A passionate opener from Diane Reay was followed by a laid back and humorous contribution from Danny Dorling. Dorling asked some very good questions that I think that we all ought to talk about […]


University rankings: UK ‘a stand-out performer’ | BBC News

The UK has 34 universities in the Times Higher Education ranking of the world’s top 200 institutions, with Oxford climbing to second best globally. Oxford climbs to second place, while Cambridge and Imperial College London also make the top 10 in fourth and eighth places respectively. See the full Top 20 list on the BBC […]


Degree apprenticeships for the digital & technology space – benefits all round…

And as part of our ‘Foundation: where are they now?’ series, IBM Foundation wants to tell you all about the new Degree Apprenticeship programme.  We’re really excited about this, and we think you will be too – check it out ….. The end of traditional schooling is often a confusing time for students, but that […]