Community Colleges Boost STEM Student Success Through Behavioral Nudging, Study Finds | JFF

JFF accelerates the alignment and transformation of the American workforce and education systems to ensure access to economic advancement for all.
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How apprenticeships help retention rates | Training Journal

Apprenticeships can be key to improving talent retention, according to George Dee.

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Over Next Three Years, Employees will Need Reskilling as AI Takes Jobs

IBM HR Director Diane Gherson says that over the next three years, 120 million workers will need retraining as artificial intelligence continues to take jobs.
Artificial intelligence is obviously ready to get started. Over the next three years, about 120 million workers from the 12 largest economies in the world may need to undergo retraining due to advances in artificial intelligence and intelligent automation, according to a study published on Friday by the IBM Institute of Business Value. However, less than half of the CEOs surveyed by IBM said they had the resources needed to bridge the skills gap caused by these new technologies.
Concerns about how AI successes will affect work are not new. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said last month that AI could make many jobs “pointless”. In one report earlier this year, it was discovered that robots could replace people with a quarter of US jobs by 2030.
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Important Soft Skills Of The Future – eLearning Industry

The robots may be coming for our jobs, but working humans are not doomed. Learn 5 important soft skills of the future that AI cannot do well.
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How Low-Income College Dropouts Are Getting Their Careers Unstuck – POLITICO Magazine

College Unbound offers a traditional 4-year degree in a nontraditional setting geared to the lives of working people.
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