Rod Bristow on Pearson’s inaugural Global Learner Survey. Paul Champion CEO TranZed Apprenticeships USA. (Comment)..

We have been saying this at TranZed Apprenticeships in the USA for over a year now. Our campaign:

Has been our attempt to change the way employers hire their staff. We want every hiring manager in the USA to ask themselves “I wonder if an apprentice could do this job” for every opening they have.

It’s good that there is more movement in revolutionising the world of learning and skills, and we are glad we are not only part of this, but leading the charge!

A learner-driven revolution in education is unfolding around the world, says Rod Bristow, as Pearson launches its inaugural Global Learner Survey. The new study
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Partnership to Advance Youth Apprenticeship

The Partnership to Advance Youth Apprenticeship supports the success of efforts in states and cities to expand access to high-quality apprenticeship opportunities for high school age youth.
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Machinist Apprenticeship Program at TVA Fills Skills Gap |

MUSCLE SHOALS-Electricians, pipefitters, boilermakers — almost every trade has an apprenticeship program at TVA. But when we had trouble finding machinis…
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5 reasons to start your tech career here | Maryland Business News

Don’t forget the amazing High Quality Registered Apprenticeship routes and sponsors based here in Maryland that work with some of the key cyber and tech employers.


If you’re a recent, or soon-to-be college graduate, you may be thinking about what type of company or organization you want to work for. You may be considering what type of work you want to do, and even where you want to live. And when you have a whole career ahead of you, where you lay down roots can make all of the d
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The Road to #1 with Secretary of Commerce Kelly Schulz

Kelly Schulz is Maryland’s Secretary of Commerce, a businesswoman, entrepreneur, strong supporter of life sciences/technology and business development, and she serves on the Board of Directors for the Maryland Tech Council. She and Marty Rosendale, CEO of the Tech Council, discuss the road ahead …
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Building off Success — Looking Ahead to New York’s DSRIP 2.0

Yesterday, the New York State Department of Health released its proposed request for extension of the state’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program. DSRIP in New York has been…
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