Celebrating Black History Month, the next person highlight by Eric Ramsey is Elijah McCoy.

By Eric Ramsey- Director of Apprenticeships. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The next person that I want to highlight is Elijah McCoy. Mr. McCoy was born free in Canada in 1844. At the age of three, Mccoy’s family moved to Michigan were he became a U.S. citizen. Later, at the age of fifteen, Elijah was sent to Scotland to become a mechanical engineer apprentice. After he completed his apprenticeship, Mr. McCoy returned to the states where he found it difficult to find work as an engineer. Eventually, he would work as a firefighter for a Michigan based railroad company where he would get his inspiration for one of his most notable inventions: the automatic lubricator for oiling the Steam engines of locomotives and ships.

During his lifetime, Eijah McCoy is credited with over 50 patents ranging from the folding ironing board to a lawn sprinkler system design.

The term “the real McCoy” originated from people during that time period referring to the quality of his inventions: If you had a McCoy, you knew it was a product of the highest quality.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: apprenticeships change lives and affects everyone involved.


Who will be the next apprentice that changes the world?

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Celebrating Black History Month by acknowledging some of our great American inventors who started out as apprentices! JAN ERNST MATZELIGER

By Eric Ramsey- Director of Apprenticeships. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

As we celebrate Black History Month, I thought it was appropriate to highlight some of the great African American inventors who started out as apprentices. In a time when attending post secondary institutions wasn’t possible, apprenticeships offered African Americans and other minorities a way to gain competencies and knowledge to be proficient in highly skilled jobs. It wasn’t an easy path for them to learn these trades, but their incredible human spirit pushed them through segregation and racism to invent things that have changed the world forever. You may not know their names, but their inventions will be very familiar.

The first person that I’m spotlighting is Jan Ernst Matzeliger. Jan was a machine mechanic apprentice who developed a process for mass producing shoes. Typically, a highly skilled craftsman could produce 50 shoes in a day prior to his invention. After his invention, that same individual could produce 150 to 700 shoes in the same timeframe. This process made shoes more accessible for more people because the price of shoes was cut in half.

So let’s celebrate Black History Month by acknowledging some of our great American inventors who started out as apprentices!

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USA Apprenticeships #SkillsWorld Special

Listen to some great podcasts, hosted by Tom Bewick and some leaders who are involved in trying to embed High Quality Apprenticeships across America.

It’s great listening!!

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Great Job Team TranZed

I can only ever do my job with a great team surrounding me. Over the 28 years that I have been involved in developing and delivering High Quality apprenticeships, I have had the privilege of working with some wonderful people and wonderful dedicated teams (you know who you are).

Team TranZed are no exception!

In a very difficult and sometimes challenging, emerging market I have an amazing bunch of people who are completely dedicated and committed to our singular goal of

“Getting more people from all walks of life, communities and background into sustainable careers through High Quality Registered Apprenticeships across America”

I salute you all.!!!

It wonderful that their efforts have been recognised by the Great State of Maryland through a Governors Citation.

It has been the highlight of my week. Thank you!!

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