Top 7 Jobs That Offer Apprenticeship Programs – OJT

Click here to read about the top 7 careers that offer apprenticeships programs enabling career seekers to earn-while-you learn
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Adobe partners with NASSCOM to launch skill development programme – INDIA APPRENTICESHIP FORUM

NASSCOM has launched a programme aimed at skilling and reskilling students and professionals in India in user experience design by 2021.
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Ortus Academy and Paul Champion from TranZed Apprenticeships got together to talk about how we could use apprenticeships as part of a local stimulus package for businesses in technology.

Tech companies that have vacancies can use state funding to build apprenticeship opportunities, which has a LOT of marketplace value – socially, economically, logistically.

Ortus Academy and Paul Champion from TranZed Apprenticeship Services got together to talk about how we could potentially align our solutions for businesses in technology.

If you’re a recruiting lead, or know your business could benefit from a trained hire, this video might be a great review. You can also share this with owners, CEOs or recruiters.

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Expert Dialogue: Engaging Employers / Scaling Apprenticeships

It was a real privilege to be part of this Expert Dialog which starts to tackle the topic of engaging employers in apprenticeships. Scaling Apprenticeship coaches have been engaging in frequent discussions with grantees on the challenges and successes of communicating, engaging, and working with employers to adopt and expand apprenticeships – both registered and unregistered – with special attention to working in the COVID-affected economy. This dialog leverages the expertise of people who have been longtime proponents of apprenticeships, and who have been in the trenches using apprenticeships as a tool to help shore up employer workforce TransAm Apprenticeship Services, Paul Champion, and Dina Igoe, Associate Director of Business Development at NIMS, the National Institute of Metal Working Skills. Interviews have been edited for clarity and brevity.

(Short Video about Open 4 Apprenticeships)

We have developed some great tools at TranZed (Open 4 Apprenticeships) to support the employer engagement process during these challenging times. It includes resources to support communication and consultation with employers and also provides a clear tool that helps employers see the direct cost / value of having apprentices in their business.

We have recently been delivering state wide training in Open 4 Apprenticeships and supporting the development planning process within workforce boards, so that they can build an effective and consistent employer engagement process to continue and expand apprenticeship.

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West Virginia colleges partner for apprenticeships | News, Sports, Jobs – News and Sentinel

MORGANTOWN — A partnership will allow apprentices to further their skills and education through a new associate degree program in West Virginia The partnersh
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I wonder if an Apprentice could fill this role??

At TranZed Apprenticeships, we are more and more getting asked this question from employers across the whole country!

As we go through some of the most challenging times both for businesses and individuals, more employers are realizing that business normality and convention is very different from the start of 2020.

Employers are looking at every aspect of their business, and not only considering how they can continue to develop a strategy that protects them from the potential unknowns of this new world, but also , how can they continue to develop, support and get the most value from everything that they do.

At TranZed, we understand these pressures, because we are feeling them ourselves and are on the very same journey! But one thing we do know is that World Class Registered Apprenticeships are already providing that committed, flexible and high value team that every employer craves for.

We want to support employers around the USA to make sure that as you go through this skills led recovery that you find yourselves in, that you have a simple way to consider apprenticeships and ask yourself the above question.

Apprenticeships are part of the solution to support your existing team who you want to develop further, along with enabling you to bring on new, committed staff with fresh ideas and a long term view within your business.

That’s what TranZed has partnered with Woz U and the Ortus Academy be be on this join new with you all the way!

We work across the whole USA, and can support you every step of the way in getting you to the answer that YES an apprentice could fill this role, and YES I can up-skill my existing staff through an apprenticeship, preparing them for the future demands of your business.

Many states and workforce boards have support available to help your get and keep the skills you need for now and in the future.

I’m not saying its easy, but that is why TranZed and its partners are here to support you with much of the heavy lifting, making it as smooth as we can.

In these days, nothing is certain, but one thing is assured, we will turn over every stone, go through or around as many of the challenges we can to support the future success of your business.

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Eight in 10 German Occupations Now Demand Digital Skills

Eight in 10 occupations in Germany now demand digital skills, evidence of how technology is reshaping the job market globally.
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TranZed wants to support employers who need staff with the right technology skills through its apprenticeship stimulus package in Maryland.

TranZed in partnership with Woz U, Maryland DOL and The Ortus Academy have developed World Class Apprenticeship programs to meet the digital divide and also ensure that as we come out of this COVID crisis, we have a solid foundation on which to build the Skills Led Recovery.

USA tech companies and the many companies who may not be traditional technology employers but rely heavily on technology as a core part of their business, need to be ready to meet their current and future skills needs within their existing and new staff.

An apprenticeship is a cost effective way to make sure that you are developing the skills you need now and not at the last minute. The partnership wants to enable employers in Maryland of all sizes, to be able to access the apprenticeship program. Give me a shout to talk through how our apprenticeship stimulus package can support you in these difficult but important times for the tech industry.

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