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Apprenticeship News
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National Apprenticeship Week: More Apprenticeships, More Opportunity | U.S. Department of Labor Blog

Watch some great apprentices telling their stories. The real reason why we all do what we do !!

National Apprenticeship Week: More Apprenticeships, More Opportunity | U.S. Department of Labor Blog
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Sampling The World Of Work In A Four-Hour Adventure

Another great article in Forbes by Nicholas Wyman. For those of us that are passionate about putting “Kids First” in our education system, this is a compulsory read.

What type of work would I be good at—or truly enjoy doing? Sadly many people graduate high school with no marketable skills, no experience and no plans. Read about one innovative way to introduce younger children to the world of work.
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It is so Amazing that Apprenticeships 4 America was launched just a few months ago to start the debate and share good news about High Quality Registered Apprenticeships in the USA

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It’s been overwhelming to see all of the great news being posted from every corner of America during “National Apprenticeship Week 2018”.

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TranZed in Print!! Thank you Baltimore Sun for helping us shout about the “Apprenticeship Revolution”

We made it to print in the Baltimore Sun!

It great to be at the cutting edge of developing apprenticeships across the USA.


State laws keep stopping employers from giving students apprenticeships

By Jared Meyer

The benefits of apprenticeships are clear—higher earning and new career paths for workers along with more skilled employees and lower rates of turnover for companies. So why do apprenticeships remain rare in America? For many people aspiring to work in licensed professions, apprenticeships aren’t an option to get the experience that they need. Rather, for licensed professions, mandated, standard, and expensive classroom time often is the only path to work. Thankfully, states realize the problem and are working to expand the on-the-job training model of apprenticeships as an alternative to occupational licensing. 

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What Americans Think of Apprenticeship

Eighty-three percent of respondents to New America’s opinion poll supported increased government funding to support apprenticeship.
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Embedding Industry Certifications in Degrees Critical to Maintaining Long-Term Relevance

Michael Prebil | Program Associate, Center on Education and Skills, New America.

The capacity to embed high-quality certificates and certifications into skills development programs could help modernize the increasingly-scrutinized traditional postsecondary degree, setting it up for long-term relevance and value.

Apprenticeship D.C. : “Apprenticeship Works For Government roundtable”

Thank you for inviting me to be part of the panel for Apprenticeship Works For Government roundtable. Ideas shared included innovative strategies that would expand technology access, mentorship development and more.

It was a great discussion and it was clear that we all could have spent all day sharing our excitement about Apprenticeships in D.C.

Apprenticeship Works for the Future

E2A416B3-8B62-418C-A0E5-7D596C6416B0This week, the Department of Employment Services (DOES) is celebrating DC Apprenticeship Week.
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