iQ4 Corp. Launches Virtual Apprenticeship Challenge with Global Public, Private and Educational Sector Backing to Create Skilled and Qualified Cyber-Savvy Workforce

America needs to find a new way, a modern way, to fill these open cybersecurity jobs and quickly! I believe that high-quality registered apprenticeships are the solution. We need an ‘Apprenticeship Revolution.’ Once this happens, we will get a wave of employers who are open for apprenticeships, and we will start to see the transformation of the workforce that is ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution. iQ4 is one of those revolutionaries making a change within the cybersecurity workforce, through its commitment to high-quality workforce development and their virtual apprenticeship program. We are totally committed to supporting iQ4 to meet the goal of sponsorships and employers in order to train thousands of students and provide cybersecurity apprenticeships over the next three years.”
Paul Champion, CEO TranZed Apprenticeships
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Work-Based Learning System Navigator | JFF

JFF accelerates the alignment and transformation of the American workforce and education systems to ensure access to economic advancement for all.
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Analysis of Ofsted inspections for apprenticeship provision indicates we still have some way to go to ensure we are getting the basics right – regardless of a new inspection framework says Louise Doyle, director of Mesma.
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PwC Is Spending A Massive $3 Billion To Upskill Its Employees

PwC announced recently that it is investing $3 billion to upskill its employees and develop share technologies for supporting clients. Here’s the details.
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The 5 Strategy Rules of Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs – HBS Working Knowledge – Harvard Business School

Gates, Grove, and Jobs’s Keys to Success

Look Forward, Reason Back
Make Big Bets, Without Betting the Company
Build Platforms and Ecosystems—Not Just Products
Exploit Leverage and Power—Play Judo and Sumo
Shape the Organization around Your Personal Anchor
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From apprenticeship to leadership | October 2019 | HR Grapevine Magazine

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