What’s stopping job seekers from considering a career in cybersecurity? – Help Net Security

The cybersecurity industry no longer has an image problem but many things are stopping individuals from considering a career in cybersecurity.
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11 Virtual Job Search Tips to Land the Cyber Job You Want

If you want advice on how to nail an upcoming virtual interview, we’ve got 11 tips to help you make a good impression and highlight the skills you bring.

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Women’s Entrepreneurship Day 2020 | Women in Technology Mentor

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate women entrepreneurs in technology. Here’s how to celebrate this day this year.
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WTIA creates ‘Anti-racism in Tech Pact’ to guide organizations in eliminating bias across industry – GeekWire

In hopes of addressing what it considers widespread racial bias across the tech industry, the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) has created an…
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5 Forces for the Future: Preparing for a Transformed Healthcare Workforce | Wolters Kluwer

The healthcare workforce must evolve in order to meet today’s challenges, and those yet to come, leveraging lessons learned during the pandemic.
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New Ways to Skill – skillsgapp

The pandemic has presented opportunities for new ways to skill Gen Z and manufacturers can start seizing these opportunities by reading here.
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Four Reasons Why Gamification Should be Used in Skills Development – skillsgapp

Learn four ways that gamification can improve manufacturers’ skills training development, and recruitment.
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Apprentice redundancy numbers rise: ‘I was devastated’ – BBC News

As a Brit living in the USA trying to expand build the profile and the market for apprenticeships, it makes me so sad to see UK apprentices being cut as they sometimes are taking their first steps in the workforce.

Apprentice redundancy numbers rise: ‘I was devastated’ – BBC News
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How to cultivate a sense of unconditional self-worth – ideas.ted.com

So many times during my career, no matter how hard I have worked, and even when the small and sometimes big wins have come about, I still seriously have doubted my effort, skill, planning and strategy.

I’m a person who is seen as one of those who, no matter what, just get up, dust off and get on with it. This doesn’t mean I feel good about it or feel good about myself.

I’m sure many of you out there are quietly like me too! No matter how successful you look or people say you are, you always feel you should have done better.

This is a real weight to carry, as when you do win, if your like me, you can’t celebrate it as much as you should, and immediately feel that it could be snatched away!

Take a few minutes today to read this. It’s a start.

How to cultivate a sense of unconditional self-worth – ideas.ted.com
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