Diversity in the Workplace: Definition, Pros, Examples

Cultural diversity is when population differences are represented. It benefits the workplace when they bring their perspectives to business problems.
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Five Common Misconceptions about Apprenticeships | Urban Institute

Apprenticeships are not only for building or construction trades, but many industries ranging from IT to hospitality.
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West Pharmaceutical employee among apprenticeship successes – PCToday

“Every minute you’re here, you’re getting trained.” That’s the real-world perspective of Tyler G. Smith, a maintenance technician at West Pharmaceutical Services Inc.
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This is such a great idea!

If people are guaranteed an apprenticeship place in this region of the U.K. then they can get a motorcycle cheaply to make sure they have travel all sown up.

Would be good If we could find a way to support this in the USA for apprenticeships. It would also start to reduce the inequality for some communities being able to access high quality skills training and family sustaining jobs, that they may not be able to attend because of travel challenges.

If you think this is a great idea and want to see if we can work together to make this happen. Give me a shout.


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Apprenticeships: A Defining Moment in Time!!

For the last 3 years TranZed has been driving forward the message that apprenticeships can change the face of skills development and the workforce.

Through our National Tech Apprenticeship programs we have been building momentum around the message of the “Apprenticeship Revolution”

We have also ensured that we are ready to have the right tools at the right time to continue to be innovative as the market for apprenticeships expands, by building cutting edge technology solutions to develop, deliver and manage apprenticeships with our partners Olive Group.

Open4Apprenticeship” and our “Apprenticeship Connections Platform”now puts us and our strategic partners at the heart of what I feel is a defining moment in time for USA apprenticeships and skills.

The next two quotes from our partners Infosys and Woz U is just the start of an apprenticeship message that we believe all employers should grasp onto to part of what will clearly be a skills driven recovery phase that we see ourselves in.

Employers need to invest in their future but get the benefits today. Apprenticeships can help them do that.

TranZed is proud to be part of this new generation of world class skills development through apprenticeships.

Infosys has always invested in and promoted lifelong learning, and the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has made radical reskilling an even more urgent priority for job seekers and employers alike. We are excited to partner with leaders in the skills assessment, training, and apprenticeship space to leverage our Wingspan platform and provide opportunities for Americans to grow their skills and find relevant employment opportunities. We are intensely focused on creating job opportunities in the U.S., and this solution demonstrates our broader commitment to American workers and the U.S. economy.”

Ravi Kumar, President at Infosys

Woz Enterprise has been working closely with partners like Infosys to find innovative ways to rethink how training can be done. To put Americans back to work we need to provide solutions that include rapid upskilling for those who want a technology job but have never worked in technology before. This is at the heart of the apprenticeship programs and training solutions we are developing to ensure we are in lock-step with business needs and are fulfilling our core mission of creating a swiftly evolving and essential technology workforce pipeline that not only puts people back to work, but provides a much more diverse population of talent than ever before.”

– Jacob Mahew, CEO of Woz Enterprise (a division of Woz U)

Governor to Host First Workforce Development Summit | St. John Source

The governor would like to see every training dollar in the Virgin Islands translate into sustainable employment and nationally recognized credentials for the
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Access all areas – opening doors for apprentices – University of Derby Blog

In May 2016, the government created a task force to support more people with disabilities to gain access into apprenticeships. So, have apprenticeship opportunities improved for people with disabilities? Jane Lowe, Head of Apprenticeships at the University of Derby, explores in this blog.
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