When Outstanding is actually inadequate!

When Outstanding is actually inadequate when it comes to the financial health of some of our training providers in England.

The latest report from Promote-Ed (https://promote-ed.co.uk) takes a look at how the risk associated within the financial health of the skills sector can be managed with a better understanding of financial statements. The report has been submitted to MPs and the Public Accounts Committee for reference.

The report can be downloaded here: https://promote-ed.co.uk/app/uploads/2021/02/Financial-Health-PAC.pdf

The Average Computer Engineer Salary Increased This Year | WOZ

The increase in the average computer engineer salary is only natural. As technology continues to evolve, these jobs will be crucial in the next few years.
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Are Apprenticeships the Solution to a Broken College System? | Nasdaq

It’s no secret that the college system is broken, the surprise is how unfairly the burden is shared. Students are left with crippling debt but household income is still more likely to predict your future career earnings than your college GPA. 
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Tackling global unemployment with BlackRock, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft Corp., and Verizon – Generation

Generation, the non-profit global employment organization, has secured $77 million in new funding and $50 million in in-kind resources from BlackRock, McKinsey & Company, Microsoft Corp., and Verizon, to accelerate its work in tackling unemployment across 14 countries around the world. This combined commitment will…
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Chicago Apprentice Network

The Chicago Apprentice Network raises awareness of apprenticeship and helps more businesses establish successful apprenticeship programs to offer more opportunities to more people in Chicagoland.
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