Why I love Apprenticeships


Hey, Im Paul, and I have worked in apprenticeships across the world for the last 30 years.

I left school in 1980, and went straight into an engineering apprenticeship, this experience has stayed with me all my life, in that every-time I have had to change my career, or the skills that I need, I treat it like an apprenticeships.

My apprenticeship experience shaped me as a person, and shapes many people into what they have become.  World Class apprenticeships across the globe support people to get the skills needed to build family sustaining careers.

Thats why I love apprenticeships. Why do you love Apprenticeships?

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When done right, apprenticeships create a path of entry into the Community of Practice. This means that the expertise of others within the field becomes available, as does the opportunity to network and to learn about the field as a whole. The integration is a natural part of the nature of apprenticeship and helps ensure competencies that are more adaptable to changes in the marketplace. No other form of training does this.

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