Spielberg, Scott, Tarantino, Lucas & Scorsese! All amazing movie directors, I think you would agree? Who would have thought that one of Americas leading Apprenticeship Providers would join this illustrious group?

Adaptive Construction Solutions, Inc. (ACS) is a Disabled Veteran owned and operated company. ACS is well know for its World Class Registered Apprenticeship program with major construction companies. ACS is also taking a national lead on its focus on serving veterans, transitioning service members, getting them into family sustaining career.


As if all that wasn’t enough, Nick Morgan and his amazing team in Texas, decided to get into the movie business during National Apprenticeship Week. Yes your heard me right, THE MOVIE BUSINESS!!!

Anyway, Im no movie critic, Im just a mere Apprenticeship Geek, but as an Apprenticeship Geek, Team ACS’s new release, will be the next cult classic.

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