Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are soooooooo SMART!


The day after the midterm elections, would like to congratulate Governor Wolf for getting re-elected with 58% of the votes!  The Governor has been at the heart of driving the PAsmart initiative. PAsmart will, over the coming years have a massive impact, leaving him and his team with an extraordinary legacy.

PAsmart is a new workforce development initiative that helps connect Pennsylvanians with resources for working and training in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvanians have never shied away from hard work, pursuing education opportunity, and seeking out training. Through this initiative, Pennsylvania will have the most prepared and talented workforce in the country. We’re not working harder; we’re working smarter.

We at #apprenticeshipblog #tranzedapprentcieship #apprenticeships4america and #open4apprentcieships are lucky enough to be working closely with Eric Ramsey and his great team in the Apprenticeship Office, supporting the #apprenticerevolution that is sweeping America. They are completely focused on ensuring PAsmart meets the great potential that is clearly has..

Check it out!!, I can guarantee you will be impressed.

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