Millennial Men Leave Perplexing Hole in Hot U.S. Job Market

“At some point, you can have a bit of an effect of a lost generation,” according to David Dorn, an economist at the University of Zurich. “If you get to the point where you’re turning 30, you’ve never held a real job and you don’t have a college education, then it is very hard to recover at that point.”

If we are to find a solution to ensure that the economy has the right level, and amount of skills needed to ensure the issues highlighted in this article don’t bite too hard, then employers need to think differently about how they, engage, recruit, retain and train their future staff.

Apprenticeships clearly offer a cost effective and flexible route to filling those jobs that are empty, while also building in the value and currency that will motivate millennials.

We need to “open our eyes” to apprenticeships, and start asking ourselves,

“I wonder if an apprentice would be a good fit for this role”.

95% of those that complete their apprenticeship with stay in their employer long term, and for every dollar that the employer invests, they get $1.50 in return.

Take a look at as a first step, and then call Paul Champion on 433-653-2121 for impartial FREE advice and guidance chat.

Also …. if you are in Pennsylvania or Maryland, look out for the “Open For Apprenticeships Hubs” that will popping up soon.

Other states to follow in 2019…

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