3aaa in conjunction with the Children’s Guild are set to transform the state of Maryland by introducing a UK style Apprenticeship service to the city of Baltimore. With 3aaa’s experience of delivering high quality Apprenticeships in the ‘technology’ sector and The Children’s Guild’s local reputation already established within Baltimore, August 2016 will see the opening of the first 3aaa.us academy. The joint venture will see the creation of life changing opportunities for young people as a genuine alternative to the higher education which is considered the default route to employment within the USA.

3aaa will adopt their UK approach of recruiting applicants and matching them with employers on a local basis whilst providing off the job structured learning through the delivery of accredited qualifications. Employers and their employees will be supported through on site assessments against accredited competence qualifications to ensure that their knowledge is being put into practice.

For further information, please contact Paul Champion, Head of USA Operations

USA: PAULCHAMPION@3AAA.US (+1(443)-653-2121)

UK: PAULCHAMPION@3AAA.CO.UK (+44 (0755) 744 7191)

Keep an eye on our website and social media platforms as further information will be coming soon…

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