Don’t wait to see what everyone else is going to do! Hesitate and it could be too late!! 

Recently, the chief executive of the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) has warned providers that failing to adapt to changes in the FE sector could put their future in the market at risk.

Peter Lauener, who is also chief executive of the Education Funding Agency, described recent changes in the sector as radical and stressed the importance of providers finding ways to work with the new system.

He told an audience dominated by colleges and training providers: “This is a radical, radical change programme and in any radical change programme there are some organisations, some employers that will adapt and work out the best way of working with the new system — and there are others that will take longer.”

He warned that failing to adjust to developments, such as the impending introduction of the apprenticeship levy, could jeopardise providers’ progress.

“There is risk in this, particularly probably for training organisations and for colleges if they don’t adapt to the new world,” he said.

Mr Lauener repeatedly acknowledged that the process would not be an easy one, but reassured his audience that though there were “some big, big challenges” there would also be “some big opportunities”.

The National Apprenticeship Company is not hanging around!!  We are developing a model that will support not only employers and training providers, it will enable all of the key players needed to have an effective transition through the reforms to work together and deliver quality apprenticeships for many years to come. 

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Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, don’t be left behind!!!  

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