Helping Government reforms achieve high quality apprenticeships

At our roundtable with Policy Exchange yesterday, the Skills Minister, Nick Boles, set out a thorough and clear set of reforms he is driving forward to ensure that the 3million apprenticeship target is met through high quality.  He rightly says that the levy is a game-changer and I share his excitement about how this will draw in employers who now have to invest in apprenticeship training, many for the first time.


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  1. Gday Paul, We have been tackling this same issue downunder in Australia. We in partnership with another regional Apprentice & Trainee services provider created a quality model and a supporting whitepaper on how to improve the quality outcomes of Apprentices and trainees to create a better, more productive Australia. The link to the model and the PDF whitepaper for downloading can be found here: if you are interested. Cheers! Dave Clare, GM ATC Midwest

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