Dont get caught out, get your Leading Edge Become one of our top champions

Leading Edge is an exclusive development programme which aims to combine a wide range of work experience within Durham County Cricket Club*, with the added value of crucial work skills and qualifications.

Our top 5 champions will be:
Between the ages of 16 – 24
Not currently in a job and have little work experience, but 

are focussed on work or the prospect of it

16 – 24 years old and not yet achieved a full Level 3

Can travel to and fully commit to an eight week, full time work placement at Durham County Cricket Club*.

Benefits of being a ‘Leading Edge’ top 5 champion?

A meaningful work experience from Durham County Cricket Club* which provides insight and experience of the world of work
The opportunity to build your CV, improve your English and Maths skills as well as improving your long term prospects and earning potential over your lifetime

On completion of the programme you will gain an employer reference from Durham County Cricket Club*

The tools and knowledge to successfully give you the ‘Leading Edge’ in your career

What you will do:

Gain ‘meaningful’ work experience over eight weeks within Durham County Cricket Club*. You will gain an insight into a variety of roles including; Hospitality, Customer Service, Administration and Grounds Keeping
Achieve a ‘tool kit’ of knowledge within interview skills, CV writing, application methods, media and social networking

Improve your maths and English skills, if applicable

Have fun! ‘Leading Edge’ in an exclusive programme developed to inspire, lead and bring out the best in you.

To apply please click on link at top of post 

About Durham County Cricket Club

Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground is a world class sporting and music venue which regularly attracts visitors from all over the world. The complex, which in addition to being, the home of Durham County Cricket Club, includes The Durham Jets Bar which is open on match days only, and a Learning Centre which is located on the ground floor of the Media and Education Centre.

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About Paul Champion

Some have called me a leader, and a entrepreneur, they say I have integrity, presence and skills to ensure continuous improvement and success in whatever challenges I face. They also tell me that I am positive, resilient and motivating. I say, I'm just a normaI guy from Gateshead in the North of England, who started as an apprentice engineer. I have been in the right place at the right time and in the wrong place at the wrong time! I have successfully initiated and led complex organizations and situations to completion and success, and I have been in some jobs where success seemed untouchable. Mainly though, I have tried to learn everyday, help people to progress and learn the skills they need to be successful. I have had the privilege of working with some great people locally across the UK and more recently internationally in Asia, Europe and now USA, where I am lucky enough to work for where I am head of 3aaa USA. This website is just me having an outlet to talk about all those thoughts, ideas and things I learn that pass through my head every day when I face the challenge of doing business. I will also rant on about how great apprenticeships are, and how you can help change peoples lives through them. After all thats how I got to do the great things that I have done, and also I am still an apprentice everyday! All I ask is that if you find it interesting then leave a comment and share what you read. THANK YOU.

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