What’s in UKIPs manifesto about careers

Adventures in Career Development


I’ve written about UKIP before. At the time I concluded that they had little to say about the issues that I was interested in (careers, education, employment). My expectation was that with all of the scrutiny that they’ve received over recent months that the level of detail and sophistication of their policy would have improved. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be the case.

The ordering of the topics in the UKIP manifesto is interesting. Immigration, pensions, social care and the NHS all appear much higher up in the document than in the other manifestos while education and employment are much lower. My guess is that this reflects UKIPs older constituency and their main concerns.

On education there is a lot of rhetoric about reducing bureaucracy and improving standards. However there is a promise to remove SATs at key stage 1 and a policy about removing sex education from primary…

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