The War Against Humanities at Britain’s Universities

The Learning Renaissance

Illustration by Mitch Blunt Illustration by Mitch Blunt
Following on from our recent posts on STEM in schools comes this report in the Guardian which claims that the preoccupation with Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths is dominating the curriculum of universities as well. The net effect of this is to marginalise the Arts and Humanities.

There was always a presumption that the sciences were more significant as courses of study than the humanities. I well remember the discrepancy between the grades expected of humanities students compared to those looking to study the sciences. I was looking at 3Bs or at best 3Cs, whereas my science studying fellow students were offered 2Es or even unconditional offers!

This article by Alex Preston shows the effects of such bias in the short and longer term health of Higher Education and the wider economy: The War Against Humanities at Britain’s Universities | The Guardian

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