Solihull College joins the fight against cuts to adult education funding

Solihull College & University Centre's Blog

Solihull College has joined forces with colleges across the country to protest against cuts to adult education funding.  The Government has announced it will cut the adult education budget by 24% in the 2015/16 academic year, which may lead to the loss of over 190,000  adult learning places next year alone across the country.

For the College this could be as many as 1200 places, a reduction of 24 percent, affecting the number of adults in the area who can get training and education.  John Callaghan, Principal and Chief Executive of Solihull College, comments: “This announcement by the government will not only deal a significant blow to colleges and adult learners from September, but upon business when it comes to skills and required knowledge needed from employers.  At a time when education is trying to bridge the skills deficit among young people, in addition to encouraging adults to retrain, many…

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