Activate Enterprise apprenticeships manifesto

Activate Enterprise apprenticeships manifesto

The chancellor recently announced a 20 per cent increase in the minimum wage for apprentices and there is interest from all parties in this form of training as a means of bridging the UK’s skills gap.

In the last few weeks there have been concerns that too much talk of apprenticeships as a means of tackling unemployment is damaging the brand; more details on the voucher payment scheme have emerged and the debate about the value of level 2 apprenticeships rumbles on.

As an apprenticeships partner of four further education colleges, working with more than 1,380 apprentices, we have set out a clear four-point manifesto for politicians to take note of.

  • Apprenticeships are professional qualifications.
    They prepare people for professional and technical careers we should value in their own right. We should stop calling them ‘vocational’, because the term has a less clear meaning outside the education sector, or ‘the equivalent of GCSEs/A-levels/foundation degrees’ because they should be seen as valuable in their own right.

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