Attitudes and Behaviours Required of 21st Century Learners

The Learning Renaissance

Regular readers will be tuning in to the persistent message that learning in the 21st century will move from a preoccupation with knowledge and content to one in which the inculcation of learning habits, attitudes, behaviours and competences becomes paramount.

There are many reasons for this, not least because the solid body of critical knowledge that, in the past, defined the educated person is expanding and morphing at an exponential rate, thereby defying the attempts of anyone to keep up with it.

This infographic provides a good survey of some of the new summits in the learning landscape…

Source: Source:

Source:, where you can also access larger posters for each of the 16 habits summarised here.
Read more at ETML: 16 Habits of Mind Essential for 21st Century Learners

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