8 Ways to Engage eLearners Infographic


Do you struggle to engage your staff through e-learning? The 8 Ways to Engage eLearners Infographic provides 8 engagement tips that will leave your learners energised and primed to look at your learning in a different light.

How to Engage eLearners:

  1. Grab their attention.

Be thought provoking, give statistics or quick snippets of real life situations that make your learner sit up and think.

  1. Get them to think

Use οpen input questions giving the learner time to think about what they already know &  what they are unsure of.

  1. Only tell them what they need to know.

Break information down into bite size chunks to allow the learner to absorb the learning fully. Clickable text and graphics are extremely important.

  1. Knowledge checks.

Check learner knowledge throughout the course, making sure it can be applied to realistic situations. Use Multiple Choice, Drag & Drop and give meaningful feedback.

  1. Tell stories.

Bring your e-learning to life! Stories help learners to relate to concepts in real life situations, consolidating any new knowledge.

  1. Use formative assessment.

Use short formative assessments to personalize learning and allow learners to check what they already know and identify gaps in knowledge.

  1. Deliver responsive eLearning.

Using tools like will Adapt Learningallow learners to access learning on the go on mobile and tablet devices

  1. Get the right blend.

Webinars and short quizzes can break up boring eLearning courses. Tools like Encore mobile learning can push small knowledge bites to learners reinforcing & refreshing the learning.

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Some have called me a leader, and a entrepreneur, they say I have integrity, presence and skills to ensure continuous improvement and success in whatever challenges I face. They also tell me that I am positive, resilient and motivating. I say, I'm just a normaI guy from Gateshead in the North of England, who started as an apprentice engineer. I have been in the right place at the right time and in the wrong place at the wrong time! I have successfully initiated and led complex organizations and situations to completion and success, and I have been in some jobs where success seemed untouchable. Mainly though, I have tried to learn everyday, help people to progress and learn the skills they need to be successful. I have had the privilege of working with some great people locally across the UK and more recently internationally in Asia, Europe and now USA, where I am lucky enough to work for www.3aaa.co.uk where I am head of 3aaa USA. This website is just me having an outlet to talk about all those thoughts, ideas and things I learn that pass through my head every day when I face the challenge of doing business. I will also rant on about how great apprenticeships are, and how you can help change peoples lives through them. After all thats how I got to do the great things that I have done, and also I am still an apprentice everyday! All I ask is that if you find it interesting then leave a comment and share what you read. THANK YOU.

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