A Curriculum Model fit for the 21st Century

The Learning Renaissance

So what does a relevant twenty first century education look like?

Well firstly, it must extend beyond content if it is to have relevance and coherence both for the learner and the teacher. It needs to have a unifying theory of knowledge underpinning it so that learning is structured, meaningful and relational rather than discrete and built in subject silos.

It will require the learner to be actively involved in developing expertise to assess their own progress and adjust their performance following peer and self critical feedback.

It will need the learner to develop competences which are transferable to society beyond the school environment – leadership, followership, problem-solving, team-work, the ability to communicate and present coherently and convincingly.

Two relevant approaches are the International Baccalaureate from the IBO and the RSA Opening Minds curriculum which was developed as a response to the challenge of the Confederation for British Industry to…

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