Enjoying ironing and improving pedagogical content knowledge

Improving Teaching

How much do you really use your knowledge of history in teaching?”

I’d studied alongside my friend; now he doubted a thoughtful question from an eleven year-old really tested my understanding of the medieval church.

Why would you need so many books?  The history doesn’t change.”

Another friend (a medic), on the use of the university library.

It doesn’t matter if your knowledge of a topic isn’t great: sometimes being closer to the students’ level helps you explain it.”

A history teacher, as I worried about the limits of my knowledge before entering teaching.

Specialisation at university allowed me to graduate with what now seems a narrow grasp of history’s scope.  I don’t blame universities (myself, perhaps); I enjoyed the intense study such focus permits.  But as a graduate my ignorance went beyond a few medieval monarchs I’d avoided, embracing vast realms and periods: the Byzantine Empire, the Renaissance, Anglo-Saxon England.

Why does pedagogical content knowledge matter? 

PCK file (via Dylan Wiliam)

This table (and…

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