What Will Learning Look Like in 2024? – Curated Thoughts


This post curates the growing conversation around #LRN2024 – What will learning look like in 2024?

This year the DevLearn Conference and Expo turns 10 years old. Over the last decade DevLearn has been the event to showcase how new technologies are enhancing learning and performance. There’s a high likelihood that the advancements made in the next decade will dwarf the advancements we’ve seen in the last ten years. The possibilities technology makes available for innovative approaches to learning and performance support will only expand in decade to come.

We recently sent out a public invite to the Guild community inviting everyone to share thoughts on what learning and performance support looks like in the year 2024, and to post predictions about what the future holds. There are no guidelines to the sharing; people can blog, post a picture, or any other idea to share their thoughts. We just suggested people use the hashtag #lrn2024 as a space to collect the conversation.

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