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The 157 Group has responded to the publication today of Ofsted’s survey of the implementation of study programmes for 16 to 18 year-olds.

Lynne Sedgmore CBE, executive director of the 157 Group, said, “Coming, as this survey does, less than one year into the implementation of the most radical reform to 16-19 education for many years, it is perhaps unsurprising to see Ofsted’s comments about the pace of change. We know from other countries with high-performing education systems that major change takes time to both embed and to produce results, and we know there is more to do here.

“What is clear from this report is that all those with a stake in the success of the study programmes policy must work together to ensure its success – Colleges, schools, employers, local authorities and the government. It is reassuring that today’s report acknowledges this, with a comprehensive package of recommendations for all.

“The 157 Group is already in discussion with its members and its partners across the sector to find ways of supporting the future development of a policy which we agree will ultimately deliver success for a far greater number of young people. Study programmes do have the potential to affect both individual success and youth unemployment – today’s recommendations are ones we should all heed.”

Peter Roberts, chair of the 157 Group and chief executive of Leeds City College, said, “This report provides an opportunity for the genuine sharing of good practice across the sector. Independent learning providers, Colleges and schools are all singled out for strengths and weaknesses in particular areas, and we now have the perfect incentive to collaborate in order to deliver a step change for our young people.

“We all acknowledge the critical importance of work experience, of English and maths and of high quality teaching and learning – and we hope that Ofsted will actively support all efforts to ensure that all practice is of the highest quality in the near future.

“Perhaps the most important thing for educational leaders to consider is the need for increased local strategic leadership. Our rising to that challenge will be key to the future.”

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