This Week in Education – 10.08.14

Tall. Black. One Sugar

A couple of articles that have grabbed my attention this week.
I have deliberately selected sections to pique your interest and drive you to the article.

1. A piece of research that suggest that girls play down their intelligence so as not to intimidate boys. Link

“Girls feel they must downplay their own abilities, pretending to be less intelligent than they actually are, not speaking out against harassment, and withdrawing from hobbies, sports and activities that might seem ‘unfeminine’.

2. A great insight by @huntingenglish into whether or not success is result of deliberate practice or genetic. Link

“A recent meta-analysis of the impact of ‘deliberate practice’ has brought into question its supposedly transformative powers. For a teacher seeking to get better, to hear that ‘deliberate practice’ has about a 1% impact on professionals is damning and disheartening.

3. The need to tackle elitism in order to help poorer children.

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