Share your ideas on Northern growth

Northern Futures is a new initiative from the Deputy Prime Minister. The question we’re trying to answer is:

How do we build on the strengths in the North to create an economic core in the heart of the region that can compete with the biggest cities in the world?

We’ve created this website so you can join the debate. All you need to do is register and you’ll immediately be able to submit your ideas and comment on those of others.

We’ll be holding an event in November where we’ll showcase the best ideas and discuss how they can be pulled together into a coherent plan. If you want your idea to be considered at the event you need to post it on one of the two discussion threads below by 17th October.

You can find out more about the project here.

Do you agree that we should build up an area of the North as a global economic hub? Which city or group of cities is best placed to compete on the world stage?

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