Job Seeker Sanction Advice website created by ‘disenchanted’ ex-DWP staff to support claimant appeals

VCS Assist [old]

This new website has been created by ex-DWP employees disenchanted with the system, to offer support to claimants who have been sanctioned unfairly:

Welcome to the Job Seeker Sanction Advice website.

Not surprisingly, you may be wondering who we are, well, let me begin by stating categorically that we’re not associated with government or the legal profession, that said, we’re three ex DWP, female civil servants who left the organisation because of our total disenchantment with the way the benefit system was and is being administered.

…Our exclusive focus at this stage of our existence is to offer free help and assistance with: Jobseeker’s Allowance sanctions and disallowances, which is where our combined experience of many years lies.

We will prepare appeals and where possible, attend the Jobcentre in question or a tribunal to act as the official mouthpiece of the individual concerned.


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