The TeamNorthern Guide to Enjoying Ofsted


Educators across all sectors in the UK talk about ‘surviving Ofsted’ and are generous in offering self-help.  But what about enjoying Ofsted?  Enjoyment is a verb that’s applied more to learning than to teaching, as if somewhere along the line educators sacrificed their right to be happy, in pursuit of ‘Outcomes for Learners’.

I had the most enjoyable week of my working life and that’s not because of the outcome of our recent Ofsted inspection because we don’t officially know that yet (got a week of nail-biting ahead of us).  It didn’t start well:  tears of self-pity and single-parent guilt as my son and I cut short our Edinburgh trip after a phone call received in Greyfriars Kirkyard.  But from the first meeting of the TeamNorthern organising committee, to waking up ten days later with this blog half-written in my head – and at all points in between – it’s been a blast.

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