Firms forced to take on migrants because school leavers don’t even have basic skills

By James Slack 01:03 09 Jul 2014, updated 01:52 09 Jul 2014

Businesses have had to turn to workers from overseas
They are better qualified, more reliable and confident
Young Britons do not have the good ‘manners’ needed to work in shops
The failure of Britain’s school system is putting huge strain on society by forcing businesses to turn to millions of foreign workers to fill low-skilled jobs.

Too many school leavers lack even the most basic skills to ‘look people in the eye and get out of bed’, according to immigration experts.

They are also given little incentive to work by the benefits system, the government-appointed Migration Advisory Committee claimed.

Too many school leavers lack even the most basic skills to ¿look people in the eye and get out of bed¿, according to immigration experts
As a result, businesses have had to turn to workers from overseas who are better qualified, more reliable, confident and – unlike young Britons – have the good ‘manners’ needed to work in shops.

However, MAC said there were significant downsides of adding so many foreign workers to the population since 1997, with schools, hospitals and roads ‘struggling to cope’.

In a 350-page report, MAC said foreign-born workers now fill 16 per cent of low-skill jobs, compared with 7 per cent in 1997. At the same time, the number of British-born workers in low-skilled jobs has fallen by around one million.

It blamed a target-driven regime that is interested only in the academically gifted, at the expense of the less able.

There are now around 1.3million 16- to 24-year-olds who are not in full-time education or working, of whom around 600,000 have no ‘identifiable barrier’ to employment.

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