National Numeracy Challenge

WEA tutors

A reminder to all maths phobic tutors out there!

I am  promoting the take-up of this Challenge for all in the Region.  It is confidential but may be of interest to all to find out how current your maths skills are.  It is for anyone to try out a test and, if you want to improve, you will be directed to suitable resources or you can do some learning with a provider (a WEA maths class is recommended, of course).  You can then do the test again to see if you have improved and you can even get a certificate to prove your level if you like.

The test adjusts the questions to respond to how well you are doing so that if you keep getting them right then they get harder.  If you aren’t doing so well then they keep them at a more basic level.  You get an overall score and a goal once completed.


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