Here’s why apprenticeship reform is a good and not a bad idea.

The Apprentice Finder

Regular followers of this blog will have seen a couple of articles around apprenticeship reform already.

Roger Francis, who is the Director at Creative Learning Partners has recently published this article which neatly explains the rationale behind the need to make the move.

Here at The Apprentice Finder we feel that overall the reforms are positive. There have been many occasions where we have seen apprenticeship schemes involving employers who just weren’t that interested in what was going on. My belief is that the employers concerned were not very well engaged because they didn’t see a financial transaction take place and as such didn’t really value what was going on.

We have seen something similar before when contributions for 19+ apprenticeships came in several years ago. I distinctly remember seeing a shift-change in attitude from the employers, merely because they had seen a financial transaction!

It’s for this reason that…

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