Uncon-ventional approach to tackling employability issues


What’s the very hottest of all the hot topics facing learning and skills providers at the moment? Employability must be one of the strongest contenders for the title, which is why we’ve chosen it as the theme for LearnPod14, this year’s unconference for FE colleges and skills providers in the North.
It will take place on Wednesday, 16 July and if you’ve never been to an unconference before, maybe this is the year to give it a try. For one thing it’s free (and includes lunch and cake!), but much more importantly, it’s an opportunity to decide for yourself what you need to know about the topic, discover some possible answers and come away with ideas to explore in the future.

There’s no set agenda for an unconference, just an overarching theme to bear in mind and it really gets started where the traditional conference format leaves off. Delegates are invited to come along in the morning and pitch their ideas for what they’d like to talk about –whether they have some expertise that they’d like to share and get feedback on, or whether they’ve got a problem that needs a solution. As many as possible of these will then have the opportunity to run a workshop, give a presentation or perhaps simply ask an initial question to kick off a conversation. No-one has to pitch an idea, but it’s a very good way to make sure there’s a discussion that’s geared to your particular area of interest. Whether you do so or not, it’s important to be an active participant, to choose the workshops and break-outs that interest you, go along, and chip in with your comments.


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