For all of you who have been there and got the T Shirt….


It has been well over a year since I stopped the blog, and not a week has gone by over that time when someone hasn’t e-mailed me and asked when the blog is coming back…

Firstly can I thank you for all your support, and secondly can I apologise for disappearing for a while.  The truth is that my career changed direction somewhat, and I found it difficult to find the time and the enthusiasm to keep on top of the blog.

I am now back working in mainstream FE right at the ‘coal face’ feeling the everyday pain and frustrations of the most changeable sector “in the world”, but also at times the most exciting and rewarding.

The Apprenticeship and Skills debate continues to be one that divides opinions at best, so “by popular demand” Apprenticeship Blog is back!

If you would like to share your opinions on current issues, start a whole new debate or just share something great about FE, Apprenticeships or skills, then just give us a shout at

Please tell all of your colleagues that the blog is back and please share the blog via your social / virtual networks, along with any “real” people that you may know.

Once again, thanks to all the blog supporters who have been contacting me to get back online.  your pressure has worked…




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