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Apprentice pupils learn enterprise

PUPILS at a South Devon primary school have been showing off their business talent as part of an enterprise project.

The 21 Year 5 and Year 6 children at Broadhempston Primary School set up and ran their own successful small businesses as part of the Apprentice style contest.

  1. WINNERS: From left, Jack Scott, Tara Michael and Louis Keeling with an example of their products, and the 'You're Hired' certificates
    WINNERS: From left, Jack Scott, Tara Michael and Louis Keeling with an example of their products, and the ‘You’re Hired’ certificates

The children were divided into groups of three and given £30 as a loan from the PTFA to convert into a start-up business and make the biggest profit possible.

Over the weeks, the children were introduced to various business concepts such as accounting, marketing and production.

The children developed their own business ideas, which included a village advertising magazine, recycled CD clocks and wooden door signs.

They then had to put their ideas to the test, by selling their products and services at a special ‘market day’ which was held in the village.

The project concluded with the children creating and delivering their own business presentations to an assembled audience of parents and children in the village hall, where they analysed their performance and reported on the profit they had made.

All seven businesses managed to make a profit, with several managing to at least double their initial £30 investment.

The winning business was Waters Edge, who made and sold their own jewellery and candle holders created from items found washed up on local beaches.

Headteacher Roger Clarke said: “It has been a great project and the children have brought enormous amounts of energy and creativity into every session.

“It is also fantastic to see them applying their knowledge and skills in a practical way, and hopefully it has given them an insight into how businesses work.”

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