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iPad pilot scheme explored further in Scottish schools

iPads could be incorporated into the Scottish school curriculum following Education Scotland’s decision to investigate how tablet devices can enhance learning.

There are a number of existing schemes already in operation across ten local authorities and 20 schools in the area where students are using iPads in the classroom. Sciennes Primary in Edinburgh and Morgan Academy in Dundee are two schools that have trialled the use of the streamlined computer successfully.

The exploration will consider whether these pilot projects are working well and highlight the best ways to widen the use of iPads across more learning facilities in Scotland.

Cabinet Secretary for Education Michael Russell said: ”I want Scottish school pupils to be both connected and collaborative and I want to see digital technology being used purposefully both in and out of school. The range of mobile devices that are now available and the promise of what they can bring to teaching and learning is very exciting and something that must be embraced.”

Mr Russel added that he has asked Education Scotland to come up with recommendations on how mobile technology could benefit learners in schools and across the nation as a whole.

He continued: “I want to drive forward a culture change in Scottish education and ensure new technologies can be embedded into learning. This is an exciting time to be at school, and we must ensure that the potential for technology to aid learning in Scottish schools is maximised.”

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