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Since 2016, the Center on Education & Skills (CESNA) has been offering insight into apprenticeship expansion in the US, providing policy analysis and telling the stories of those impacted by apprenticeship. We aim to tell the story of apprenticeship from multiple angles and to highlight policy strategies that will increase equity and accessibility in apprenticeship.

Governor Larry Hogan Proclaims November 12-18 National Apprenticeship Week in Maryland

It’s an honour for TranZed to be part of the celebrations this week, alongside Working with Team DLLR to support the continued growth of High Quality Registered Apprenticeships in Maryland.

Nationwide Observance Celebrates Proven Workforce Development Strategy

ANNAPOLIS, MD – Governor Larry Hogan has proclaimed November 12-18 as National Apprenticeship Week in Maryland. This week-long observance raises awareness of the meaningful contributions apprenticeship programs in the United States make to our country’s workforce. Throughout the week, Maryland will join other states across the nation to celebrate apprenticeship as a proven workforce development tool and to acknowledge the success of the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program in growing Registered Apprenticeship throughout the state.

“Our administration is committed to expanding opportunities and building lasting career pathways for all Marylanders,” said Governor Larry Hogan. “During this week, we highlight the success of Maryland’s apprenticeship program as a powerful tool for employers that strengthens our workforce and boosts the competitiveness of our state’s thriving economy.”

Apprenticeships are full-time jobs that include on-the-job training and classroom instruction, allowing apprentices to earn while they learn. Suited to any industry and occupation, apprenticeship provides Marylanders with alternative pathways for exploring, establishing, and growing in an occupation or profession.

Maryland’s 2018 National Apprenticeship Week is themed Apprenticeship Works! and will highlight how Registered Apprenticeships are for every Marylander and can be successfully employed in any industry and any occupation.

“The success of Maryland’s apprenticeship program is undeniable,” said Labor Secretary Kelly M. Schulz. “We now have more than 10,000 apprentices earning and learning throughout the state, in leading industries ranging from construction to cybersecurity and hospitality to healthcare. We dedicate this week to the many, many people who have had a hand in growing apprenticeships in Maryland. We extend our sincere gratitude for their hard work, continued dedication, and commitment to excellence.”

The Department of Labor will kick off the week with the quarterly meeting of the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Council, where new programs and occupations will be reviewed and approved for inclusion in the statewide apprenticeship program. Throughout the week, an additional 17 events will be held around the state, including a career fair, skilled craft union open house, youth apprenticeship information session, and manufacturers’ roundtable.

Explore all of Maryland’s National Apprenticeship Week events at:

Google, Apple and 12 other companies that no longer require employees to have a college degree

Today’s tight labor market continues to be a promising landscape for job seekers, with economists even predicting more opportunities for professionals without a degree.

Job-search site Glassdoor compiled a list of top employers who are expanding their talent options by no longer requiring applicants to have a college degree. Companies like Google, Apple and IBM are all in this group. 

In 2017, IBM’s vice president of talent Joanna Daley told CNBC Make It that about 15 percent of her company’s U.S. hires don’t have a four-year degree. She said that instead of looking exclusively at candidates who went to college, IBM now looks at candidates who have hands-on experience via a coding boot camp or an industry-related vocational class.

Next week: Join the #ApprenticeshipChat on Twitter!

During the week of November 11th, apprenticeship practitioners and advocates will attend hundreds of events around the country to celebrate the US Department of Labor’s fourth annual National Apprenticeship Week. To close out the week, CESNA will be hosting an apprenticeship Twitter chat, where anyone can weigh in with their hopes, concerns, advice, and questions about apprenticeship expansion in the United States.

How does it work? From 11am to 12pm on Friday, November 16th, follow @NewAmericaEd as we tweet out a series of questions to spark conversation about all facets of apprenticeship. If you see a question you’d like to respond to (say, the fourth question, “Q4”), just indicate the question you’re referencing (write “A4” in your tweet), use the hashtag #ApprenticeshipChat, and just like that, you’ve joined the discussion!

“National Apprenticeship Week”: Message from Secretary Kelly Schulz, her favorite time of year….. and ours!

Image 11-7-18 at 1.44 PM

Dear Apprenticeship Supporter,

My favorite time of year is almost here…National Apprenticeship Week 2018. And thanks to you, it’s going to be our biggest and best ever!

What is National Apprenticeship Week? It’s a national celebration that started in 2015 as a way of promoting new apprenticeship opportunities, honoring apprenticeship leaders and apprentices, and celebrating apprenticeship successes.

Throughout the week of November 12 – 18, Maryland will host 18 events, including a career fair, a skilled craft union open house, a youth apprenticeship information session, and a manufacturers’ roundtable.

Check out the complete schedule and please share with your networks. Please let me know, if you are hosting an event that is not on this list and we will add it right away.

Our theme this year is Apprenticeship Works! We’ll highlight how registered apprenticeship can be successfully employed in any industry and in any occupation, and are available to all Marylanders.

Maryland’s signature Apprenticeship Week event is the state’s first ever sponsor appreciation event celebrating the state’s more than 150 apprenticeship sponsors and  partners who have helped make the program a success. The event will honor sponsors that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to expanding apprenticeship opportunities in Maryland. In addition, the state will make announcements about the future of apprenticeship in Maryland. If you are an apprenticeship sponsor and have not received your invitation, please let me know.

Thank you in advance for supporting National Apprenticeship Week and thank you for all you do!


Kelly M. Schulz
Maryland Department of Labor

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are soooooooo SMART!


The day after the midterm elections, would like to congratulate Governor Wolf for getting re-elected with 58% of the votes!  The Governor has been at the heart of driving the PAsmart initiative. PAsmart will, over the coming years have a massive impact, leaving him and his team with an extraordinary legacy.

PAsmart is a new workforce development initiative that helps connect Pennsylvanians with resources for working and training in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvanians have never shied away from hard work, pursuing education opportunity, and seeking out training. Through this initiative, Pennsylvania will have the most prepared and talented workforce in the country. We’re not working harder; we’re working smarter.

We at #apprenticeshipblog #tranzedapprentcieship #apprenticeships4america and #open4apprentcieships are lucky enough to be working closely with Eric Ramsey and his great team in the Apprenticeship Office, supporting the #apprenticerevolution that is sweeping America. They are completely focused on ensuring PAsmart meets the great potential that is clearly has..

Check it out!!, I can guarantee you will be impressed.

What is Youth Apprenticeship? Definition and Guiding Principles for High-Quality Programs

Building on national research and experience, the Partnership to Advance Youth Apprenticeship’s principles lay out a vision for designing effective and equitable programs—and for measuring their success.
CareerWise Colorado

Happy Diwali

To all of our Hindu friends and partners,, Apprenticeships 4 America, Open 4 Apprenticeships and TranZed Apprenticeships, would like to wish you a very Happy Diwali. Thanks for all your support.

Disappointed! Let’s make sure we learn the lessons from our apprenticeship colleagues around the world.

I remember this day like it was yesterday. I was asked to give evidence at the House of Commons Select Committee on Apprenticeship Reforms.

If you look at 5th paragraph on the left, you will see that I was more than concerned about the reforms (including the levy) having a big impact on the number of apprenticeships being taken up by employers and a squeeze in opportunities for young people.

I clearly remember being stopped in my tracks by the chair of the committee for asking too many questions and probably being too passionate / angry / frustrated, but I did feel that at that moment apprenticeships in the U.K. were at a turning point.

I’m disappointed to read in an article by TES in the U.K. (below) that, this is exactly what is happening.

  • 16% drop in apprenticeships in just 1 year!
  • 70 per cent of businesses offered an apprenticeship in 2018 – down from 83 per cent in 2017. 
  • more than half experienced difficulty in recruiting apprentices or are expecting to do so within the next three years.
  • Business engagement with young people in education also reduced, from 81 per cent in 2017 to 75 per cent in 2018.

The headline of “Business is pulling out of apprenticeships” sends shivers down my spine!

With this trend of decline, and the demise of many U.K. apprenticeship companies over the past 18 months, I do hope that something is done to re-invigorate apprenticeships in my home country.

I was involved in the U.K. apprenticeship market from the mid 90’s until 2015 and witnessed all of the turmoil it went through with change after change in the name of growth, and it would be a real shame if the U.K. providers, and the government loose the fruits of all that hard work.

I will watch from across the Atlantic with one eye, but keeping all my focus on Apprenticeship development here in the US.

I am starting to feel some of the ghosts of the past creep into the system in the name of growth here too, but all I can do, is just keep my focus on developing high quality Registered apprenticeships that we can be proud of, and hope that here on the USA the policy, movers and shakers learn from what has happened and is happening around the world, so that we can at least steer our way around the challenges that others have had to face.