Hey, Higher Education: You’re On Mute

Hey, Higher Education: You’re On Mute
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Without a Robust Apprenticeship Program, U.S. Manufacturing Will Decline

As the U.S. looks to reshore, attracting and retaining new talent to industry will help overcome the skills gap and create a more innovative future.
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Top 5 tech skills to master in 2021 – TechRepublic

If you want to improve or expand your current skill set, there are a few options you can focus on. Tom Merritt lists five tech skills to master in the coming year.
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Apply Today for a Technology Apprenticeship | Woz U

Apply for a Technology Apprenticeship through Woz U. Receive training and complete your education while you work.
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Two-thirds of jobseekers are willing to adapt to the changing jobs market

REED jobseeker research predicts year of movement in 2021 despite pandemic – James Reed, Chairman of REED, comments
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Number of students enrolled in vocational degrees dropping

The number of students pursuing two-year vocational degrees in precision production has fallen 18 percent this fall, compared with last year.
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This is why TranZed Apprenticeships and its partners across the USA are being asked increasingly to partner with colleges to jointly develop works class apprenticeship programs.

I truly believe that 2021 will be the year of the apprentice, and we will see the start of the Apprenticeship Revolution that we have been predicting for the last three years become reality.

Join us: championp@tranzed.org

32 Baltimore tech leaders on how 2020 will shape the future – Technical.ly Baltimore

All of this can be supported by a robust apprenticeship program to ensure that the tech sector has the skills it needs to build on, or be an answer to the points raised here.

32 Baltimore tech leaders on how 2020 will shape the future – Technical.ly Baltimore
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How Skills-Based Technology Learning Can Launch Your Tech Career

Through skills-based learning, you receive hands-on training. Here are a few ways you can launch your technology career with skills-based technology learning.
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