Apprenticeships can help meet U.S. workforce needs. (TranZed OpED)

Thanks to the Baltimore Sun for running our OpEd during National Apprenticeships Week 2018!  TranZed are completely committed and focused on ensuring that High Quality Registered Apprenticeships are at the heart of  the American Workforce.  It is one of the key solutions that will enable employers  to have the talent that is needed WHEN they need it.

We are moving into the Apprentice Revolution, and we are looking to employers to make sure that they work with us to be “Open for Apprenticeships”.

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Paul Champion CEO-TranZed Apprenticeships – 2121

Betsy DeVos’ bet on boot camps

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Why the Department of Education wants to get behind an increasingly popular—but unaccredited—new style of education.
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Trump Apprenticeship Program: Some Answers, Many Questions

IRAPs are a sure fire way of devaluing the brand of Apprenticeships. In all developing countries that have a desire to increase apprenticeships, we see “watered down” options that lead to more confusion. This sadly will be the same. It is in essence re badging incumbent worker training with the lack of control and quality assurance that it will bring.

Quantity over quality… I’m so glad that unions and other respected organisations are trying to take an informed stand. I am with you!!

Labor Department information about its new nationwide apprenticeship program has unions and trade groups apprehensive.
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Online learning fails to deliver, finds report aimed at discouraging politicians from deregulating

Fully online programs widen achievement gaps and often are unaffordable, says report seeking to discourage politicians from pulling back on federal policy protections.
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Let’s quit brainwashing kids that it’s a college degree or nothing | Chicago Sun-Times

The word is getting out!! What word is that Paul?? APPRENTICESHIPS!!!

I’m seeing more students with William’s dilemma, who are funneled to my classroom for lack of better options.
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Wolf Reaffirms Pledge to Good Jobs, Skilled Workforce in Second Term

Governor Tom Wolf is working to create family-sustaining jobs and bring businesses to the commonwealth. With new and innovative investments in job training, apprenticeships, and partnerships with the private sector, the state is preparing workers for good jobs in growing careers that will strengthen our economy.
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Hottest jobs going into 2019, most of which have apprenticeship options now or in the very near future.

This is a great insight into what the new skills that employers are needing in the near future.

Most of the roles that you see, have high quality apprenticeship routes now, or they are being developed as we speak.

TranZed Apprenticeships is at the forefront of developing new and innovative Apprenticeships in the USA.

If you are an employer who needs the skills for the roles listed in this article, but are struggling to find the staff needed to fill your vacancies, then join the “apprentice revolution” in 2019 with us!

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Let’s make 2019 the year of the apprentice and the year you stop struggling to find the dedicated and skilled staff you need.

PayScale released a report of its hottest jobs going in 2019, and technology dominated the list of fastest-growing occupations.
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Children in Singapore will no longer be ranked by exam results. Here’s why | World Economic Forum

Very interesting approach to education. Lots of things for our local administrations across the USA and The U.K. to learn here, if only they can open their minds, which is what education should be able to do!!

The island nation is changing its educational focus to encourage school children to develop the life skills they will need when they enter the world of work.

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Most educated city in U.S.? Data says it’s Washington, D.C. – The Washington Post

Some interesting statistics in the article. I wonder what the figures would look like for Apprenticeships across the USA. Maybe we should try and find out?

I think MD, PA and MO could be in top 10 for increases in Apprenticeships percentage wise in 2018?


Here’s the top 10.
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Looking for an Alternative to College? U.S. Studies German Apprenticeships – WSJ

I love it every time that apprenticeships are in the news in the USA. What I’m sad about is that the USA seems to be constantly looking for the perfect model that will magically change the workforce and employers mind on apprenticeships.

Why O Why do you not just look closer to home. They is some magnificent apprenticeship programs already in existence in the USA. (Traditional and non-traditional).

Why look at models that look and sound good but are embedded in a completely different culture and historical context of workforce.

The USA needs to do what it does well “innovation” look at what an “American Apprenticeship” model can look like within its own cultural and historical context. Look at what the hard working apprenticeship providers both Union and Non-Union are doing.

Looking at the horizon sometimes means you miss the great stuff in front of your nose.





If you want to learn about some of the excellent apprenticeship work that is going on closer to home IN THE USA. Send me a message and I will point you in the right direction.

Birmingham, Ala., where youth unemployment remains high, is seeking German companies to bring job apprenticeship programs to the U.S. as an alternative to a four-year college education.
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