Two in five technology job applicants don’t have the right technical chops, survey finds | ZDNet

There are may frustrations around trying to develop High Quality Registered Apprenticeships in USA, especially in industries where Apprenticeships have not traditionally been used.

There are two statements that really do make me start and ask questions of employers (below) about their steadfast and now clearly flawed views that there is only one way to find the Tech talent they need.

If you keep on doing what you are doing and keep on getting the same result that’s madness right!!

This article states:

“Just about everyone appears to be feeling the pinch of the skills gap — 80 percent agree (31 percent strongly) that there is a talent gap that is inhibiting their ability to fill open positions within their enterprises”

I agree with this, I see, it and hear it just about every day. But don’t keep just complaining about it and blaming everyone else, when there is a solution right in front of you, if you could only drop the skills snobbery that exists within the Tech Sector as a whole.

Registered Apprenticeships are available across the USA and they are available in most of the job roles that are highlighted in this article.

I also agree with this comment in the article too.

Employers should take a deep look inside their own culture and practices to make sure they’re not repelling talent. “Blaming the state of the labor market for a company’s flawed personnel strategy”

I have been involved in developing Apprenticeships around the world for 25 years, working with employers who have these exact problems, stopping them from getting more business and hampering their growth.

PLEASE at least take some time to consider this option is Apprenticeships, you honestly have nothing to loose except still having those open vacancies in your business in 6 months because you didn’t put the effort in!!

Our whole strategy at TranZed Apprenticeships and Open 4 Apprenticeships, is to be in a place where every hiring manager will look at a vacant job and ask themselves “I wonder if an apprentices could fill roll”.

8 words that will change the face of your business and also start and close the skills gap that you have.

Message me on and visit or for more info.

I will give you impartial and honest advice about how you can access Apprenticeships wherever you are.

Stop worrying about those vacancies and start filling them!!


The tech talent gap is biting most of the 1,000 technical hiring managers responding to a recent survey.
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Apprenticeships can help meet U.S. workforce needs. (TranZed OpED)

Thanks to the Baltimore Sun for running our OpEd during National Apprenticeships Week 2018!  TranZed are completely committed and focused on ensuring that High Quality Registered Apprenticeships are at the heart of  the American Workforce.  It is one of the key solutions that will enable employers  to have the talent that is needed WHEN they need it.

We are moving into the Apprentice Revolution, and we are looking to employers to make sure that they work with us to be “Open for Apprenticeships”.

Please just take 5 minutes to read our OpEd and then take a look at or THEN GIVE US A CALL!  You have nothing to loose and everything to gain…it has to be worth 5 minutes of your time… it could be the best 5 minutes you have had in a while!!!


Paul Champion CEO-TranZed Apprenticeships – 2121

Bad news — skills have a short shelf life in the workforce of the future | CIO Dive – BUT there is an answer in plain sight!

This is a very relevant article with regards to the dramatic and sometimes debilitating shortage of skills across the Tech Sector.

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One disappointing and mind blowing thing that I see time and time again, is the lack of consideration of High Quality Registered Apprenticeships, that can adapt and flex to ensure that employers have a perfect environment so that they have the skills they need during what is the 4th Industrial Revolution !

It’s in plain sight!!

There is a really easy solution, If only HR or hiring managers would look at every open open role in their business and ask themselves one simple question “I wonder if an apprentice can do this?”

We at TranZed Apprenticeships are ensuring that employers get the “on demand” skills they need linked to the vital ongoing availability of college credit and high quality, relevant curriculum.

Apprenticeships lead to the Lifelong Learning environment that is crucial for our 21 century workforce.

I have the privilege of being on a panel at this years SHRM conference in Las Vegas later this month, through the Global Apprenticeship Network, sharing the stage with Rolls Royce, Zurich and Randstad.

If you are at the conference come and hear how work based learning and apprenticeships can be part of the answer for your skills shortage. Be a revolutionary!

Comment by Paul Champion. CEO of TranZed Apprenticeship.

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